Martial God Conquerer Wiki


Zhen Qingchun was initially a great powerhouse he was known as Sacred Weapon Child Prodigy 600 years ago,he challenged many eight great influences of state.He challenged many old ancestors and defeated them that time his age was not more than 40 years also he was eight star talisman master peak which is equal to martial venerable peak stage.He first challenged Great Sacred Cult,but they didnt pay attention to him in a fit of anger he arranged a blocade in the entrance of Great Sacred Cult,many powerhouses trying to destroy the arrays were killed ,finally many antiquity great elders come and after three days and three nights Zhen Qingchun finally swaggered away.His name spread in the entire state.He was later invited by two Great influences from out of state which had many martial venerable powerhouses he rejected the but they finally collaborate even then are not able to pick his fine hair in return 100,000 disciples,200 martial emperors and 5 martial venerables were killed by him.

Later he mysteriouusly disappeared ,several years later due to some reasons he turned into a spirit body and locked in the tiny pagoda which Du Shaofu found in the martial skills library of the Du Family in the Stone city. Zhen Qingchun later appeared in the place wild mountain range when Du Shaofu found Golden Winged Great Art.He was initially made fun of by Du Shaofu regarding his appearance and called him a swinder,later he showed his skill in array talisman master he helped him in become talisman master, finally they became life and death brothers did the obscinse under heaven and earth.He later taught Du Shaofu innumerable things regarding cultivation and talisman arrays.


Zhen Qingchun in his spirit body form appears about 15-16 years old appearance but he is several hundreds years of age,his appeance is extremely ugly and dreadful due to cultivating some secret art to preserve his spirit body.


Zhen Qingchun has a proud and arrogant personality according to his previous achievement,he likes a bit to show-off too,but his elegant demeor fails in front of Du Shaofu and he becomes usually angry,he has a very caring personality towards Du Shaofu.