Martial God Conquerer Wiki


Xiao Xingxing was born from the body of Du Shaofu during his nirvana rebirth at Stone city,after his heart was dug out and he died.She has bloodlines of Great Golden Winged Peng inherited from Du Shaofu and bloodlines of Purple Flame Phoenix acquired from Zhu Xue,hence she calls Du Shaofu and Zhu Xue as her father and mother respectively.

Her biological father and mother are from unknown universe and due to some reasons they went to a place with her uncle and made her born in the mainland,she has supreme dragon bloodlines from her biological parents.


When she was born her body was in form of small dragon with wings ,later after her breakthrough she turned into an appearance of a small girl of 5-6 years old,looking extremely adorable.


Due to the bloodlines of Supreme Dragon ,Great Golden Winged Peng and Purple Flame Phoenix she has an extremely aloof personality towards other beasts which makes them submit towards her,but in front of Du Shaofu and Zhu Xue she appears extremely adorable and cute girl.