Spirit Talisman Master Edit

Spirit Talisman Master has a higher and is more exalted than a warrior. Amongst the human population, those who can become warrior are rare, but the percentage of a Spirit Talisman Master is even lower because the conditions of becoming a Spirit Talisman Master are too harsh that too few people can meet.

A Spirit Talisman Master's expertise ranges from refining dans, weapons, to formation arrays, all are part of a Spirit Talisman Master's area of knowledge. However, rumor have it no singular Spirit Talisman Master could master every area.

To become a Spirit Talisman Master, the prerequisite requirement is strong spiritual force and spirit root, both essential.

Ranks Realms Stages Battle Prowess
1 One Star Talisman Master
  • Early
  • Mid
  • Late
  • Peak
2 Two Star Talisman Master Xiantian
3 Three Star Talisman Master Pulse Connecting
4 Four Star Talisman Master Pulse Spirit
5 Five Star Talisman Master Martial Marquis
6 Six Star Talisman Master Martial King
7 Seven Star Talisman Master Martial Emperor
8 Eight Star Talisman Master Martial Venerable
9 Nine Star Talisman Master Martial Domain
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