Martial God Conquerer Wiki

Stone City is a remote city in corner of Shilong Empire.It has mainly three major families:

1.Du Family:

Partriarch:Du Zhenwu

2.Ye Family:

Partriach: Ye Baolin

3.Bai Family:

Partriach: Bai Tianming

4.Qin Family:

Partriach:Qin Zongqiong

5.An Family

Partriach:An Qingsong

  • City Lord: Ye Baolin.
  • Vice City Lord: Du Shaofu
  • Protector: Lightning Lion.

Cultivation Levels:

Below Martial Marquis Boundary

Great Elders: Pulse Sprit Realm

Partriachs: Pulse Connecting Realm

Disciples: Xiantian Realm

Protector Of Stone City:Martial Marquis Realm