Shilong Empire (Lizard Empire) is a small remote empire in the state.Stone city is a small district in this empire which is Du Shaofu's origin,It has many palaces and clans for protection.It is ruled by Cheng Family which is the ruler of the entire empire.It also is supported by Xie Family and Du Clan.

Emperor: king david Edit

Cheng Huang

Princess: Edit

Cheng Shengnan

Brave Designate King Of Empire: Edit

Du Shaofu

Protector Clans: Edit

Xie Clan: Edit

Xie Fei,

Du Clan: Edit

Du Qingcheng

Cultivation Levels Edit

Overall Strength of Shilong Empire till now is equal to Half Martial Emperor.

Emperor:Martial King Realm Peak Stage (Half Martial Emperor)

Du Family;Martial King Realm Peak Stage

Xie Family;Martial King Realm Peak Stage

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