Martial God Conquerer Wiki


Gu Qingyang is the elder in Ancient Heaven Sect,he is also the younger brother of Sima Taixuan's master.Du Shaofu is his disciple.Before Du Shaofu he recieved six disciples but they met misfortunes,due to this reason other elders call Gu Qingyang as a person who makes his disciple meet misfortune,but contrary to these sayings he is extremely powerful among elders in sect and shows loving care to his disciple Du Sahofei.

He initially saved Du Shaofu from the person of Radiant God Courtayard when he wasin Murong Family,after rescuing him Du Shaofu did obscience to him and accepted him as his master.


He is about 70 year old in appearance,he has white hair flying in air like powder giving him a feeling of an immortal.