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Du Xiaoyao is the scarlet money horse race which is a extremely scarce race in the mainland and is considered as a legend.He initially was in a form of a stone which was found by Du Shaofu in the inheritance cave exploration at the Lanling Prefecture.Later he followed Du Shaofu's side.He is also related with the pulse soul of Du Shaofu.

Du Xiaoyao has a extremely powerful innate ability of passing through the arrays which are extremely strong


Initially he had an appearance of a stone but after after his breakthrough he turned into the appearance of a small Macaque.He is usually seen sitting on the shoulder of Du Shaofu and Du Xiaoqing,he has an extremely cute appearance of a pet.


Du Xiaoyao has an extremely arrogant and clever personality.He is very gluttonous in heavenly treasures.But he is also extremely caring towards his friends.