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Du Xiaoman is the older cousin sister of Du Shaofei.She is the daughter of Du Zhixiong of Du Family from stone city.She initially in Stone city helped Du Shaofu when he was bullied back as he was known as the famous 'Fool Young Master'.She later went out of Stone city and became a disciple of law enforcement team in Heaven Martial Arts Institute.She is also a part of Under Heaven Association and has status of senior statesman.

Her bloodlines along with the entire Du Family were awakened during the rebirth of Du Shaofu,which enhanced her talent by leaps and bounds.


She has a beautiful appearaance,not the appearance of causing the downfall of nations but the beauty above average,she has a refined and elegant demeanor.


She has a very loving and caring personality towards Du Shaofu.She is usually violent and has aa fit of temper but she has a gentle and kind side.