Martial God Conquerer Wiki

Du Shaofu is the main character of the novel Martial God Conqueror. He was born with crippled veins and was unable to cultivate martial arts . After finding out about his situation from the clan while returning home he got hit by a lightning and a mysterious ` first scripture` appears and after studying for ten years he was able to mend his crippled veins together and then starts his journey to the glory......


Du Shaofu has a very handsome appearance, he seems harmless and delicate his eyes are sharp with golden glow seeming immeasurably deep. He always wears a unique Purple Robe.


Du Shaofu has a calm personality neither too arrogant nor too servile. He is caring about his friends and extremely ruthless to his enemies.


Cultivation Laws:

  1. Golden-Winged Garuda's Exercise Law :(Ch-25)
    • Divided into three parts -- body refining, practicing Qi and supernatural talent.
    • Garuda's Physique Refining Law (Ch-32)
      • First is to fortify the golden plumage;
      • Second is tempering the bones and meridians cleansing;
      • Third being refining the divine physique. At that time, the golden-winged garuda would become one of the most terrifying existences under the heavens.
  2. Great Origin Soul Mantra: (Ch-58)
    • Cultivation technique for training soul force.
  3. Unknown :(Ch-103).
    • Obtained from a small animal bone in the Du Clan's Branch Martial Collection Building. (Ch-8)
    • Cultivation law that enhances the spiritual force, and the effect was much greater than the Great Origin Soul Mantra. Mid-Heaven Grade or higher Incomplete Cultivation Law.

Martial Skills:

  1. Pulsate Fist (Ch-8)
  2. Raging Storm Waves Palm (Ch-9)
  3. Peng Near Nine Heavens.
  4. Surging Waves Free Step.
  5. Profound Soul Pupil.
  6. Bright Saint Sword Spectrum Art. (Ch-604)
  7. Lightning God Thunderstorm.
  8. Great Origin Soul Mantra.
  9. Heaven Spirit Record.

Cultivation Levels:

Cultivation Realm Chapters
Acquired Realm 9th Layer 26
Innate Realm Early Stage 27
Innate Realm Middle Stage 37
Innate Realm Late Stage 67
Innate Realm Peak Stage 86
Pulsating Realm Early Stage 143
Pulsating Realm Middle Stage 165
Pulsating Realm Late Stage 229
Pulsating Realm Peak Stage 246
Pulse Spirit Realm Early Stage 330
Pulse Spirit Realm Middle Stage Skipped
Pulse Spirit Realm Late Stage 407
Martial Duke Realm Early Stage 466
Martial Duke Realm Middle Stage 535
Martial Duke Realm Late Stage 540
Martial Duke Realm Peak Stage 573
Martial King Realm Early Stage 683
Martial King Realm Middle Stage 721
Martial King Realm Peak Stage 780
Martial Emperor Realm Initial Stage 851
Martial Emperor Realm Middle Stage 895
Martial Emperor Realm Late Stage 908
Martial Emperor Realm Peak Stage 949
Martial Sovereign Realm Early Stage 1011
Martial Sovereign Realm Middle Stage 1056
Martial Sovereign Realm Late Stage 1069
Martial Sovereign Realm Peak Stage 1163
Martial Sovereign Realm Extraordinary Stage 1197
Martial Sovereign Realm Mixed Element Stage 1265
Martial Sovereign Realm Nirvana Stage 1345
Martial Domain Early Stage

(Great Supreme Nirvana)

Martial Domain Middle Stage

(Great Supreme Nirvana Nihilium)

Martial Domain Late Stage

(Great Supreme Nirvana True Self)

Realm Domain

(Great Supreme Nirvana Rebirth)

Dominate Domain

(Great Supreme Nirvana Reincarnation)

Primary Domain

(Great Supreme Nirvana Indestructible)

Holy Spirit Realm Early Stage 2208
Holy Spirit Realm Mid Stage 2354
Holy Spirit Realm Late Stage 2395
Holy Spirit Realm Peak Stage 2447
Half Heavenly Saint Realm

(Half-Step God Seizing)

Heavenly Saint Realm Early Stage

(God Seizing Realm)

Heavenly Saint Realm Peak Stage

(God Seizing Realm)

"Surpasses Heavenly Saint Realm"

(God Seizing Perfect)

True Severing Realm Early Stage 2731
True Severing Realm Middle Stage Skipped
True Severing Realm Late Stage 2786
True Severing Realm Great Perfection 2828
Immortal Realm

(Virtual Dao Realm Early Stage)

Virtual Dao Realm Middle Stage

(Strength Comparable to Sedentary Amnesia 2nd-3rd stage)

Virtual Dao Realm Peak

(Half-Step Dao Bearing Realm)

Sedentary Amnesia Realm Bypassed
Dao Bearing Realm 2978
No Image Realm

(Last chapter. Ending was rushed and totally sucked.)


Talisman Master Levels

Talisman Realm Chapter
Two Star Spirit Talisman Master Early Stage 65
Three Star Spirit Talisman Master Early Stage 102
Four Star Talisman Master Early Stage 326
Six Star Talisman Master Early Stage 539
Six Star Talisman Master Mid Stage 687
Six Star Talisman Master Peak Stage 780
Seven Stars Talisman Master Early Stage 841
Seven Stars Talisman Master Mid Stage 895
Seven Stars Talisman Master Late Stage 956
Seven Stars Talisman Master Peak Stage 989
Eight Star Talisman Master Early Stage 1011
Eight Star Talisman Master Mid Stage 1045
Eight Star Talisman Master Late Stage 1078
Eight Star Talisman Master Peak Stage 1117
Eight Star Talisman Master Unusual Stage 1198
Eight Star Talisman Master Beginning Of Universe Stage 1199
Eight Star Talisman Master Nirvana Stage 1345
Nine star talisman Master cosmos stage 1430
Becomes uterly useless, and never mentioned after this point.