Cultivation Edit

Cultivation in world requires a good aptitude and sufficient resources.Martial artists from small sects are able to cultivate to low realms due to either lack of aptitude/talent or resources.To cultivate to higher realms more resources are required. As a person breaks through to a higher realm he has to learn skills of higher grade for a breakthrough.Breakthrough and consolidating of a realm can be done with the help of pills.Such as dragon fire fruit which can help breakthrough from initial clasping yuan realm to peak-early clasping yuan realm.

Once a person enters a realm of cultivation he/she can lead a luxurious life without poverty with an increase of lifespan but this is also full of danger.Various geniuses are present in the cultivation world which are known to battle more powerful opponents than them also known as jumping of ranks to fight. Many geniuses are washed away a breakthrough to a higher realm is a watershed which requires talent to breakthrough.

Once a person is able to cultivate he can fly as a bird when he reaches sufficient realm but this doesn't halt here they step in the path which brings them to a new realm dangerous yet beautiful.

Cultivation Rank Edit

Rank Cultivation Realm Other Name Stages Lifespan
1 Houtian 10 Layer
2 Xiantian
  • Early
  • Mid
  • Late
  • Peak
  • Half 
3 Pulse Connecting Maidong Boundary
4 Pulse Spirit Mailing Boundary
5 Martial Marquis
6 Martial King
7 Martial Emperor
8 Martial Venerable
9 Martial Domain
10 Sacred Martial Domain
11 Holy Spirit
12 Heavenly Saint

Special Stage Edit

Special Stage after Martial Venerable Realm Peak

  1. Martial Venerable Realm Unusual Stage
  2. Martial Venerable Realm Beginning Of Universe Stage
  3. Martial Venerable Realm Nirvana Stage

Special Realm : Nirvana / Sacred Martial Domain Edit

Special Realm equivalent to Martial Domain but superpowered. (also composed of 5 stages)

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