Martial God Conquerer Wiki

Ancient Heaven Sect is one of the nine big influences of the Zhong state.It is located in the mountain range which is the epicenter of the entire state.In Ancient Heaven sect the status of inner sect disciple is lofty as compared to that of outer sect.If innate talent is insufficient disciple can only only in outer sect even being a prince or princess of an empire.

In Ancient Heaven Sect competition is brutal and except for killing daily competition are innumerable.The sect is divided in two parts.

Outer Sect:

In the outer sect, the number of disciples are many it is founded in many parts of state but places are in control of the sect.There is a quantity of 100,000 outer sect disciples.

Inner Sect:

However, Ancient Heaven Sect has a little number of inner sect disciples.Ancient Heaven Sect every year conducts eight inspections locations each inspection will choose less than 100 inner sect disciples.

Also every year out of 100,000 disciples only 800 disciples have an opportunity to become inner sect disciples but outer sect disciples have only two chances to enter inner sect otherwise can only be outer sect disciple for a lifetime.

Rankings In Sect:

There are three lists to set the rank of disciples of sect. Each list accomodates only 100 disciples.

1.Gold List: Disciples who entered sect since 3 years.

2.Silver List: Disciples who entered sect since 2 years.

3.Copper List: Disciples who entered sect since 1 years.